CUBE: Agency for brand communications with a strong scientific background

31. August 2019

Our agency is not only characterized by our exciting projects with premium customers such as Audi and various technology startups. In addition to our interesting cases, our strong scientific background is another of the agency's hallmarks.

Pioneer of the academic orientation of CUBE is Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, PhD sports, business and law and managing partner of CUBE brand communications. Due to his doctorate on "Brand Management in Sport", Schilhaneck provides the best conditions for the transfer of scientific findings into practice. "By identifying new trends and market changes at an early stage with the help of science, CUBE keeps our finger on the pulse of time. As an agency for brand communication, we offer our clients a decisive competitive advantage".

Thanks to Schilhaneck's scientific expertise, our agency regularly cooperates with renowned universities in various research projects. In an analysis of KU Eichstätt together with FC Ingolstadt 04, we acted as experts in the preparation of the comprehensive brand analysis of the former Bundesliga soccer team. In addition, we are often available as interview partners for dissertations and academic theses (master's and bachelor's degrees) with our scientifically sound know-how. The doctoral students come from the University of Bayreuth, the HAM (Hochschule für angewandtes Management) and the HS Mittweida.

"Our cooperation within the framework of scientific research work represents a win-win situation for all parties involved. We are happy to share our knowledge in this field with our partners, as we also benefit from the cooperation by always being informed about current market developments. For this reason, we are very open to science with CUBE brand communications and look forward to all future projects in this area," explains Schilhaneck.


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