CUBE brand communications supports clean technologies and contributes to sustainability

21. October 2022

For years, CUBE brand communications has been accompanying the Ingolstadt-based premium automobile manufacturer Audi in its transformation towards electromobility with strategic and operational agency services.

As a brand communication agency, CUBE brand communications supports Audi AG in operating the Audi charging hub in Nuremberg. This location represents the world's first urban fast-charging concept, combining covered HPC (high-power charging) stations with an attached lounge area. The Audi charging hub utilizes 2nd Life batteries as buffer storage, based on a sustainable battery concept that ensures short charging times thanks to high charging performance. CUBE brand communications also has a consulting mandate for future expansion strategies of additional manned Audi charging hub locations.

Another contribution by CUBE brand communications comes with its involvement at the Audi driving experience center in Neuburg. As the central responsible agency on-site, CUBE brand communications is in charge of preparing and converting the current models of the Audi E-product range according to their respective purposes and conducting event support. For the year 2023, the Audi driving experience in Neuburg plans to implement around 250 E-specific driving events and manage a fleet of over 100 E-vehicles.

The Neuburg location, which includes the Audi driving experience center, has already implemented numerous measures in the field of environmental protection and sustainability. Additional habitats for animal and plant species were created on the Audi experience center grounds to offset land use. Moreover, the site is supplied with district heating from industrial waste heat and green electricity from hydropower plants.

Promoting electromobility and expanding sustainable charging infrastructure is an important step towards more climate-friendly mobility. Through diverse agency services for its customers, CUBE brand communications has been contributing to reducing the environmental impact of the transportation sector for years.


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