Drifts on ice – Looking back at the winter program of the Audi driving experience

30. March 2019

Demanding driving maneuvers on icy courses beyond the Artic Circle: Just one of the unique Audi brand experiences which has crystallized from the premium car manufacturer´s winter program. Audi Sport GmbH lets you choose from a selection of high-performance vehicles like the RS 4 Avant, RS 5 Coupé and R8 Coupé V10 plus, to really battle the winterly terrain. During the months January to March, participants could send that snow flying. The solid compound of Skandinavia´s dreamlike winter wonderland and the breathtaking driving opportunities amidst its landscape, truly lays down the foundations for a new dimension of four-wheel enjoyment. During the whole duration of the winter program, we provide Audi with support in the areas of on-site guest support and mechanics/logistics of the vehicle fleet.


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