Pallas Gathering: CUBE bc enabled for INSTART group

4. November 2022

For the future fair Pallas Gathering 2022, CUBE brand communications activated the employees of INSTART group as an agency for brand communication. Since 2018, CUBE bc has been the lead agency in the field of brand building for the innovative group of companies and its deep-tech companies e.telligent, digitalwerk, ip camp and the digital shared service expert INSTART consult.

The list of speakers, that came to the Pallas Gathering 2022 in Ingolstadt in early October, was top-class: TV host Markus Lanz, natural scientist and author Prof. Harald Lesch, AI pioneer and scientist Dr. Vivienne Ming, quiz world champion Sebastian Klussmann or astronaut and astrophysicist Dr. Suzanna Randall, just to name a few.

The Pallas Gathering 2022 was held under the motto "Creating a Global Vision for the Future" and dealt intensively with issues from the areas of Leadership, Learning & Mindset, Intrapreneurship & Entrepreneurship and Sustainability in presentations, workshops and discussions.

CUBE bc provided executives and employees with exclusive tickets to the platform and the event.

"The topics of the Pallas Gathering are exactly those that are also interesting for the complete INSTART group. We wanted to offer this added value to the companies," explains Dr. Michael Schilhaneck. "Currently we are also examining whether sponsorship or the active contribution of content might make sense for next year," continues the managing director of CUBE bc. Because in 2023, the Pallas Gathering is to revolve primarily around automotive topics, Schilhaneck reveals.

Pallas Gathering


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