Parent-child-events as a new employer branding approach

30. September 2022

As an agency for brand communications, CUBE brand communications will in future be pursuing a new approach for its clients in the area of employer branding: the offers are to focus more strongly on the changed, family-oriented needs of employees.

Employer branding, which belongs to the service area of brand building, is a corporate strategy measure to present a company as a whole as an attractive employer and to positively distinguish it from other competitors in the labor market. The target group for this measure is both existing and potential employees.

In the initial phase of CUBE bc, the workforce of the automotive customers for whom the agency had a profile raising assignment consisted mainly of younger employees. For this reason, CUBE bc at that time focused primarily on measures that were highly experiential. But in the meantime, several factors have led to changed needs among the target group. Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, managing director of CUBE bc, explains, "Corona has reduced the potential of live events - people have generally become more cautious in this regard." But the orders have also changed, he says. "Our current automotive clients are companies with a high degree of specialization and therefore tend to employ more experienced experts," the CEO continues.

CUBE bc is therefore focusing primarily on father-child promotions in the future and wants to create offerings that target children's motives. In addition Schilhaneck: "A family father would rather spend valuable time with the offspring than to party through the nights." The first activities are already in the starting blocks - the focus is to be on soccer, as this is still the most popular among children. Other offers - a detailed plan for next year is currently in the elaboration phase - are to support this indirect bonding approach.

"We are looking forward to many, exciting activities where we can make not only the parents happy, but above all the children," concludes Schilhaneck.


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