Continuous collaboration with universities as a success factor of CUBE brand communications

27. June 2023

CUBE brand communications relies on close collaboration with renowned universities to stay up to date with the latest research and integrate innovative approaches into their daily work. This connection to academia, expressed through various collaborations with numerous universities, makes the owner-managed brand communication agency a pioneer in the industry.

An important aspect of this collaboration is the integration of the latest research findings into the agency's daily work. By having direct access to scientific knowledge, innovative strategies and solutions can be developed, providing clients of CUBE brand communications with a clear competitive advantage. The brand building and brand experience specialist places great emphasis on ensuring that their work is based on a solid theoretical foundation. A testament to this is the agency's own developed brand building approach.

The agency's expertise is based on numerous university collaborations, many of which continue to this day. These include partnerships with renowned universities in Bayreuth and Frankfurt. Furthermore, there are close connections to public and private (technical) universities in Augsburg, Heidelberg, Ingolstadt, Ismaning, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, and Würzburg. CUBE brand communications acts as a practical partner for educational institutions and covers a wide range of cooperation opportunities. These include playing an expert role in seminar papers, supervising bachelor's and master's theses, as well as taking on entire teaching assignments. Additionally, the agency provides students with practical insights and valuable experiences through regular guest lectures, project seminars, and excursions.

CUBE brand communications maintains particularly close connections with the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt (THI) and the University of Bayreuth. These connections are based on both the geographical proximity and the academic background of a large part of the CUBE team. The Ingolstadt agency utilizes the collaboration with these two universities not only for professional exchange but also for recruiting and employer branding purposes. As an alumnus and doctoral candidate of the University of Bayreuth, it is a special concern for CEO Michael Schilhaneck to give back and establish the agency as a practical partner for universities.

For the first time in the history of the agency, CUBE brand communications, represented by the CEO, has taken on a cross-semester (SS 23) teaching assignment in the Master's program in Marketing/Sales/Media at the Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt. This teaching assignment will also extend into the upcoming winter semester 23/24. Through this intensive form of collaboration, the agency aims to establish a stronger presence in the local pool of highly qualified graduates. In the long term, this is intended to strengthen the connection to the regional economy. "The exchange and integration of practice and teaching provide a win-win situation for all involved. Students benefit from practical experiences and can directly apply their acquired knowledge, while we as an agency benefit from innovative ideas and talented young professionals," explains Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, CEO of CUBE brand communications.

The continuous collaboration with universities and the associated ongoing knowledge exchange are crucial success factors for CUBE brand communications. As a specialist in brand building and brand experience, the agency stays up to date with the latest research and can provide its clients with tailored and innovative solutions. At the same time, the agency supports the next generation of scholars and contributes to the training of qualified professionals.

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