First Mover in the new era of electric mobility: Agency CUBE brand communications launches an e-driving program to increase technology acceptance

17. November 2020

The mobility turnaround is progressing with great strides. The automotive industry is going on a model offensive, especially in the field of electro mobility, politicians are setting strong incentives and the energy industry is expanding the charging infrastructure. "Now we are really getting started with e-mobility. At this crucial point, it is important to take potential customers along on this new technology path and at the same time give them access to their first driving experiences. We already offer a modular e-driving program for this purpose," says agency founder Frank Fichtner. 

The added value and fascination of the new leading technology made tangible
CUBE brand communications is an internationally operating, owner-managed agency for brand communications with a special focus on driving experience services. It has a high level of technical and organizational competence in the communication of driving experiences and technology innovations. Among other things, CUBE bc markets an modern driving experience center in Bolzano with various track sections and integrated charging infrastructure, and in some cases acts as the organizer itself. All this is incorporated into the new offer. "With our modular e-driving program, we accompany and support the market players so that they can gradually introduce their customers and target groups to the added value and fascination of the new lead technology of electro mobility," says CUBE co-owner and managing director Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, summing up the concept.

Three modules tailor-made for the entire Customer Journey
Three e-driving day units form the core of the new offer. The basic module eConfidence follows the motto "Try to Buy". The focus here is on explaining the new technology in conjunction with concrete initial driving experiences for newcomers and potential buyers. "In this way we create the basis for the problem-free and carefree use of the new technology in everyday life. All module contents are aimed at building trust", explains Schilhaneck. Special attention is paid to the various loading and payment options as well as target-oriented route planning. Schilhaneck is sure: "All in all, many convincing and lastingly effective aha-moments are pre-programmed."

Under the motto "Improve to Rebuy", the second module eAdvantage focuses on customers who already have experience with e-mobility. The aim is to confirm their enthusiasm for electric driving and to convince them to buy an electric vehicle. The participants deepen their technological knowledge and learn in a playful way to fully exploit the added value and efficiency of advanced electric mobility.

"Pretty electric, pretty exciting" sums up the claim of the third module, ePerformance. It aims to emotionalize, fascinate and enhance the image of electromobility. "By experiencing maximum electric driving dynamics, the construction-specific characteristics of e-vehicles can be discovered in a fascinating way. At the same time, this always impressively reflects the current product and market developments in the field of e-mobility," explains Dr. Schilhaneck.

With all the experience and expertise of e-vehicle pioneers
The modular E-Driving program, so the CUBE managing director further, takes up the entire "Customer Journey" and the in each case phase-specific customer needs in the content design and translates these into learning and experience modules meeting demand. "We have developed our concept with trainers and instructors who are very experienced in e-mobility, but also with e-sales pioneers. And we differentiated our concept across brands and products and through comprehensive feedback from test persons", reports Schilhaneck. "In this way, our e-driving program systematically opens up the full meaning and sustainability of the new technology. This is a real added value - for all e-market players, B2B and B2C".

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