Strategic management: Brand registration completed

30. August 2022

After registering our combined trademark last year, we have now also officially registered the word mark CUBE brand communications.

In order for a trademark to be legally protected, it must be entered in the register of the German Patent and Trademark Office (DPMA). Basically, a trademark serves to identify the services and products of a company. All signs that are capable of distinguishing these services and products from those of other companies are eligible for protection. These signs can be words, letters, numbers or illustrations, but also colors, holograms, sounds or multimedia signs.

The word mark differs from the combined mark in that a word mark consists only of words, letters, numbers or other written characters. The combined mark, on the other hand, has graphic design elements in addition to letter elements. With the two registrations, we have thus acquired the exclusive right to use both our trademark logo (combined mark) and our brand name (word mark).

Dr. Michael Schilhaneck considers trademark protection to be an important strategic step: "When managing a company's brand, the legal side must always be taken into account as well. With the two registrations we can now be sure that only we can influence the perception of CUBE brand communications according to our objective", says the managing director of CUBE bc.


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