Sustainability management as a future development field of CUBE brand communications

21. April 2023

While CUBE brand communications has already participated in various sustainability certification processes in the context of industrial project commissions in the past, the brand communication agency aims to independently engage more intensively with the topic in the future.

The Audi AG, as a significant client of CUBE brand communications, has been dedicated to sustainable environmental and energy management systems for many years. Through the long-standing collaboration with the premium automobile manufacturer, CUBE brand communications is also familiar with the requirements and guidelines of various certifications, as the service provider has been subject to their compliance verification. One of these certifications is the European Union-developed EMAS (EMAS = Eco-Management and Audit Scheme). As part of the "Audi driving experience" project, which has been running for several years, CUBE brand communications is directly involved in the validation process, as the project is located in the middle of the Audi Neuburg plant premises with office space, workshops, storage areas and meanwhile more than 40 employees.

In the future, the brand communication agency aims to take a step further and subject all business processes to sustainability assessment independently of project-related activities. These processes will be examined for their economic, ecological, and social impacts. CUBE brand communications derives a particular commitment to sustainability from its own Driving & Riding Experience offer, which includes the South Tyrolean Alps as a highly sensitive ecosystem.

To achieve this, the company is currently exploring a variety of sustainability labels and certification systems that have been established in recent years. The goal is to choose an initiative that best reflects the agency's range of offerings and services while meeting the sustainability requirements of the region in which it operates. Initial improvements are planned to be implemented by the end of the year.

"We are aware of the tensions between the environment, society, and the economy that the mobility sector faces. From the beginning, it has been essential for us to incorporate solutions into our services that consider the dimensions of sustainability. Particularly within the scope of our industrial project commissions, we have already made a green footprint. Nevertheless, we want to further expand our efforts in this area and take the next steps in our own sphere of influence through collaborations and certifications," explains Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, Managing Director of CUBE brand communications, regarding the agency's efforts.


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