2 in 1 for ERC Ingolstadt: CUBE bc organizes teambuilding and fan event

13. September 2022

Since 2015, ERC Ingolstadt has been traveling to Vinschgau in Alto Adige in the summer and spending a few days there to prepare for the season. A highlight for the traveling fans is the annual meeting with the team. We from CUBE brand communications are also active as event organizers in Northern Italy and were therefore allowed to organize this year's team and fan event as sponsor and partner of the ERC Ingolstadt - the ERC Gokart Cup.

The location for the meeting was the Safety Park Alto Adige, for which we are the exclusive marketing partner and which acts as the home base of our brands Riding Experience Alto Adige and Driving Experience Alto Adige. Approximately 20 players and 25 fans fought hot duels on the go-karts in assigned group and placement races. For ERC Ingolstadt, this event was doubly valuable - the team was able to strengthen its team spirit and at the same time network with the fans, on whose support they can always count.

The managing director of CUBE bc, Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, thought the event was great: "We were very happy to be able to organize the go-kart cup - it was great fun for everyone. The team-building measure paid off right away," said Schilhaneck with a smile, alluding to the consistently positive results in the test games after the event at Safety Park - after all, ERCI won all of its last three preseason games.

"We are now looking forward to the hockey season and hope that this little winning streak will last as long as it does," Schilhaneck concludes.

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