A smile in the box - CUBE bc provides support in humanitarian emergencies

6. May 2022

After Russia's invasion in February 2022, normal life collapsed for many people in Ukraine. At least 13 million have had to leave their familiar surroundings and flee their homes. These people have lost everything and now have to find their way without possessions in another country, also here in Gaimersheim and the surrounding area.

In the neighbouring town of Neuburg, the Traumtheater Neuburg has therefore created two opportunities for help with the campaigns "Smile in a Box" and "Protected Space". The Traumtheater is a social institution in Neuburg with the aim of improving the quality of life of children and young people, regardless of their origin, and promoting intercultural skills to understand differences. The Traumtheater is located next to the youth centre and the asylum seekers' home in Neuburg and has a large hall with a performance stage as well as a spacious outdoor area with a skate park, futsal, basketball and volleyball court.
Smiles in a Box" is all about bringing a little joy to the children who have fled. Shoebox-sized boxes with small items (toys, dolls, sweets, etc.) for children of all ages are collected. We at CUBE bc were able to contribute more than 15 of these boxes. The "protected room" is a place where especially the refugee mothers and grandmothers can take time out. While they can drink coffee in peace or simply rest, the children have the opportunity to do sports outside. Because next to the Dream Theatre there are various outdoor sports facilities, such as a football field, a volleyball court, a skate court or a basketball court. Here, too, the CUBE bc team has been able to hand over various outdoor toys.

"It is only a small contribution, but we at CUBE bc see it as our duty to help in this humanitarian emergency," says Managing Director Dr Michael Schilhaneck, who himself lives in Neuburg. "We thank the Traumtheater Neuburg for the opportunity to do our part to support the people who have fled," Schilhaneck continues.



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