The somewhat different teaching job - Alpine skiing and recruiting at the same time

29. April 2022

In a way, it was "back to the roots" for the managing director of CUBE brand communications, Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, during a special teaching assignment in mid-April. The state-certified ski instructor was in Königsleiten (Zillertal, Austria) for a week with the "Spökos" (students of sports economics) of the University of Bayreuth as part of the compulsory module "Sport alpin".

Schilhaneck himself studied sports economics at the University of Bayreuth, earned his doctorate at the chair of the same name and already held these courses during and after his doctorate. After a five-year break - due to family, agency and pandemic - it was now all the more fun for him to be able to take part in a ski course again: "After the break, I had almost forgotten how full of energy the Spökos are. The focus during the day on the skis, but also in the evening without was impressive," says the co-founder of CUBE bc with a smile. The program included technical training at a high performance level in the best skiing weather. But the famous après ski was not neglected either - "the perfect combination of performance on and off the slopes," summarizes Schilhaneck.

This spirit is lived just as much with his team of CUBE bc, which could perhaps also be due to the fact that over the years, Spöko graduates have repeatedly shaped the agency for brand communication, he continues. "Since the Spökos have internalized the interplay of performance, fun and team spirit just as we have at CUBE bc, Spökos are always welcome at our agency," says Schilhaneck, adding, "This combination as an agency elixir is the basis of our success."

Overall, it was a very successful week, both athletically and in terms of recruiting, because: all students passed the course and with the first job interview already conducted, the foundation has been laid for maintaining the Spöko tradition at CUBE brand communications!


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