Agency Update #2: (driving) programs for leading technologies as a new agency business field

24. July 2020

At the beginning of the Corona pandemic, the management team focused on the health of CUBE employees, securing business operations and regular communication with the team about the approach during the crisis. While the immediate needs were successfully mastered, our Managing Directors also consciously looked into the future with the goal of strategically developing our agency. In this very intensive phase, the management team defined a new strategic business field with the future field of (driving) programs for the new leading technologies of the automotive industry.

The new leading technologies provide innovative products and features in the automotive sector. However, these are not (yet) selling themselves. Potential customers must first be convinced of the added value and gradually introduced to the new technologies. Equally innovative new offers and marketing forms are needed to overcome this hurdle. From the point of view of CUBE brand communications, every marketing and communication instrument of the automobile manufacturers will have to make its contribution, and consequently also a platform such as Driving Experience. While the previous focus was on emotional, dynamic brand experiences for customer loyalty, in the future the instrument will also have to contribute to new customer acquisition and sales promotion by communicating the new technological added value and LEAD generation. Doing the new without leaving the old - that is the current challenge of the Driving Experience industry! Exactly here we start with our considerations and are currently working on the marketability of a corresponding basic program, which will be expanded modularly according to market approach. The challenge is big, because the solution requires the combination of different expertises: Driving Experience, eMobility, ADAS, Big Data, Digital Services, as well as marketing and brand understanding. Through our membership in an innovative group of companies with startups in the new leading technologies, we serve these interfaces and have implemented them in our cross-functional everyday work for a long time.


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