EDAG aeromotive – basics at first, marketing highlights afterwards 

9. October 2020

After two years of cooperation with EDAG aeromotive, we can now look back on the projects implemented together with the specialist for air mobility. As the lead agency for marketing & communication, we have accompanied the Ingolstadt-based service provider from the aerospace sector from its first communicative steps, through the many different measures implemented of our model-based branding process, to the joint development of a corporate vision. 

 "At the beginning of the cooperation, the initial focus for us as an agency was to create the necessary infrastructure for EDAG aeromotive, so that we could implement targeted communication measures", explains project manager Michael Angermüller. "By designing a professional homepage, we gave the client a figurehead that clearly presents the essential information about the company, its services, references, and career opportunities to the relevant target groups such as customers, potential applicants, and the public," Angermüller explains. With the news portal set up, the website also forms the base for regular communication about the company's developments. The periodic communication about, among other things, current as well as newly won projects, internal developments and the various entry possibilities is a main component of the branding process of CUBE brand communications. With the regular reporting, we pursue the goal of creating transparency with regard to the company's development towards our clients' target groups. 

 In order to achieve the jointly defined goals (increase brand awareness & employer branding), a communication strategy was implemented using various marketing channels: In addition to public relations work, appearances at trade fairs and communication via the website blog, relevant updates on EDAG aeromotive were also distributed via the social media channels facebook and LinkedIn. EDAG aeromotive's employees are the central starting point for increasing its attractiveness as an employer. Together with EDAG aeromotive, platforms and measures have been defined which are aimed at the needs of the employees: as sponsor of the ERC Ingolstadt, EDAG aeromotive regularly raffles off unique spectator seats among its employees on its own fan balcony in Ingolstadt's Saturn Arena. Unusual team events such as excursions to the Jochen Schweizer Arena for body flying or the annual summer party (including virtual reality experience and a visit to the beer garden) are also organized in line with employee preferences. 

 "It is a nice confirmation of our performance as a marketing agency and at the same time a sign of confidence that we were able to support EDAG aeromotive, after the obligatory tasks in the initial phase of the cooperation, in strategic issues such as the development of a corporate vision," says Managing Director Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, describing the positive development of the cooperation. According to Schilhaneck, this is the highlight of the collaboration.  

 We would like to thank EDAG aeormotive for the trust they have placed in us, and for the partnership and cooperation over the last two years! 


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