Birthday celebration also at management level: Surprise cake, team cooking & restaurant voucher

13. February 2023

In addition to CUBE's 5th anniversary, February was also the month of our managing director's birthday. During two get-togethers at the HQ in Ingolstadt, energy and good mood for the upcoming events and projects were refueled.

While our managing director was first surprised with a delicious cake, he returned the favor the next day with a team cooking. It was pasta time. After stuffing our bellies in a cozy atmosphere, the verdict of the team members was unanimous: The increasing Italian influences are not only good for our agency, but also for the cooking skills of our managing director Dr. Michael Schilhaneck! A strong team spirit and harmonious cooperation are part of the corporate philosophy of CUBE. This sense of community is always fostered by the management.

However, the surprises were not over yet. Co-managing director Frank Fichtner had also arranged a restaurant voucher, which he presented on behalf of the entire team. Car enthusiast Dr. Michael Schilhaneck is already looking forward to the associated visit at the MOTORWORLD.


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