Cocktails and snacks: CUBE bc teams meet for after-work event

23. August 2022

In the last two years, it was difficult for colleagues to get together after work in a relaxed atmosphere due to the pandemic. Recently, our "HQ" team (Ingolstadt) and the "Audi charging hub" (Nürnberg) team met at the Gaimersheim headquarters for an informal evening. With music, various snacks and self-mixed cocktails from the team's own bartender, the teams ended the working day together. Of course, a tour of the HQ premises and a match on the foosball table were not to be missed.

Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, Managing Director of CUBE brand communications, attaches great importance to a functioning team: "Joint activities and face-to-face contacts promote team spirit. It's good that we can now gradually return to the normal office routine with face-to-face meetings, of course with the caution still required due to the pandemic. Because working together is always more fun," says the CEO.

If you also want to become part of the CUBE bc-Team just take a look at our jobs.


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