It does not always have to be brand experience ...

16. August 2022

... for CUBE brand communications it can also be a children's experience. As a specialist for brand experiences in the automotive sector, we recently supported a play festival for children organized by a local sports club. The common denominator: generate lasting enthusiasm. In our day-to-day business, we try to create enthusiasm for our customers; in this specific case, it was shining children's eyes that expressed the fascination.

More than 300 girls and boys of all ages came to the play festival. It was no wonder that they had fun for two days straight: the organizers had come up with a number of attractions for the children. The bouncy castle park offered pure fun, and about 20 play stations with various skill challenges were set up - there was something for everyone. Overnight was spent in large Bedouin tents.

So that the water and energy balance did not become unbalanced due to the high temperatures, there were several meals during the day. The kids could quench their thirst with water and vitamin drinks at various beverage stations. A highlight was then certainly an emergency vehicle from the nearby airfield, which provided a wet cooling - under frenetic cheers of the children. Videos of this can be found on our Instagram channel. At the end, each child got to take home a high-priced gift as a memento.

Dr. Michael Schilhaneck, Managing Director of CUBE bc, was there himself and full of praise for the organizers: "You can tell that a lot of heart and soul went into the event. From an event point of view, it was a perfect 1.0. Adrenaline, ecstasy, exuberance - for the children it was an experience they will remember for a long time. And that's exactly why we were happy to support this event. After all, this is also part of our brand building process in the area of brand management: we want to offer our customers highly emotional moments that will be permanently anchored in their memories. But usually for a different target group," adds Schilhaneck with a wink.


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