Gamescom & ESL ONE: CUBE activates in the gaming area

23. September 2019

With our first activations in the gaming industry, we have directly set up two extraordinary event formats for our customers in the Brand Building sector on the largest platforms of the scene.

As part of our commissions for the technology Startups e.telligent and digitalwerk, we organized two-day team events for the companies at Gamescom, the world's largest entertainment trade fair, and the established tournament series ESL ONE: CUBE's responsibilities ranged from the conception of the event format to its implementation (e.g. travel planning, hotel management, event support, organisation and supporting programme) and post-event reporting for both startups. Due to the holistic event organization, we ensured a smooth process both at ESL ONE in the LANXESS Arena, which was sold out with 16,000 spectators, and at Gamescom.

The selection of the events was not arbitrary, but based on the feedback from the annual employee surveys conducted by CUBE. The surveys are part of the model-based branding process that we follow at the technology startups e.telligent and digitalwerk. These surveys are used to analyze the interests and hobbies of our customers' employees, among other things. The survey identified the topic "Gaming" as a widespread interest among employees at both e.telligent and digitalwerk. Based on this feedback, we designed two special event formats around two highlights of the gaming scene: the team events at Gamescom and ESL ONE.

We would like to thank e.telligent and digitalwerk for the trust they have placed in us during these events and look forward to implementing further formats in the up-and-coming gaming industry.


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