Push2Pass: We put brands on the fast lane

2. October 2019

As an agency for brand communication, our Brand Building division specialises in the conception and target-oriented implementation of holistic marketing and communication strategies for start-ups and SMEs. Overall, we can draw on more than ten years of expertise in brand management. The Push2Pass branding process, which our team follows, is aimed at building and developing strong corporate and employer brands.


The Push2Pass branding process describes a model-based process with four phases. In a first step we use detailed analyses in the form of interviews with the management as well as questionnaires for team members as a basis for the development of a marketing strategy. The targeted questions create a uniform understanding between the client and our brand building team. Among other things, CUBE analyses the brand core as well as the short, medium and long-term goals of the customer.

Depending on the existing marketing and communication activities of our clients, we lay the foundation for periodic communication in the second phase: we develop contemporary corporate designs for our clients, create websites based on the graphically redefined identity and prepare the companies history communicatively on the website and social media channels.

The third phase serves to implement the communication instruments defined in the marketing strategy vis-à-vis the relevant target groups. The frequencies of the marketing measures are defined in the marketing strategy and vary according to the customer's objectives. Our services in periodic communication range from internal communication, above-the-line (e.g. PR, media cooperations, customer newsletters) and below-the-line marketing activities (e.g. sponsoring, events, trade fairs) to online marketing (e.g. social media content and advertising) and media (e.g. photography, graphics, video).

The detailed monitoring of each of our measures completes the Push2Pass branding process. By tracking our activities (e.g. Google Analytics, employee surveys, scientific theses) we ensure for our customers that we always use the optimal instruments to achieve their goals.

The Push2Pass branding process has the great advantage that CUBE can individually respond to the customer's goals. Depending on the needs of the customer, our brand building team focuses on relevant parts of the branding process and is not tied covering the entire process.


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