Health offices support: Office check-in via smartphone

12. February 2021

Anyone who has to come to the office during the current phase because an activity cannot be completed from the home office must document their presence. This is the only way to carefully track the contact persons in a Corona infection case.

Let's face it: manually signing in the list doesn't really do 2021 justice. For this reason, the colleagues from digitalwerk in Regensburg have developed their own web application for digital registration. With Contact Trace, check-in as well as check-out is easily done via smartphone. The scan of a QR code as well as the registration in the company account is done within a few seconds. External visitors can log in with their Apple or Google account.

This simplifies the process not only for our visitors and our team. In the case of a Corona infection at CUBE brand communications, we would be able to provide the health department with the relevant attendance records with just a few clicks to trace the contact chains.

Also interested? digitalwerk makes Contact Trace available to all companies that want to digitalize their documentation requirements. Contact details at



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