How to give brands a future: Further training with the market leader

9. March 2021

Strong brands have rough edges. They polarise. Our Brand Building team knows how to develop strong brands. In order to always be able to offer our clients the latest industry insights in this area, the team always keeps up to date in terms of brand development, brand management/strategy and brand personality. Most recently, Michael, Team Lead Brand Building at CUBE bc, gained new insights for the work with our clients at the seminar "Strategic Brand Management: How to give brands a future" at the W&V Academy.

All facets covered: the complex construct "brand"

There are many levers in brand management to build brands, to develop them further and even to establish them. The W&V seminar covered the entire spectrum of brand management, showed how the different disciplines interact and gave the participants helpful tools for their work in the field of "brand". The seminar covered topics such as the definition of a brand identity, the development of a brand strategy as well as ways to make a brand tangible internally and externally.

Lectures, best practices & exciting discussions - it's the mix that makes it

The contents of the seminar were dealt with in different formats: in addition to lectures in which the speakers looked at topics from a scientific perspective - e.g. "The Unfaithful Customer and the Future of the Brand" by GfK - the practical perspective was covered by means of best practices (e.g. "Strategic Brand Management" using the example of Nürnberger Versicherungen). Discussions such as with MINI Germany on the topic of "How to give brands a future" rounded off the seminar.

For Michael, the dialogue with the speakers and participants was the highlight of the seminar: "In addition to the many new contents that one received from the lectures, the discussions with the other participants and the exchange of their experiences were particularly instructive for our work at CUBE brand communications," Michael explains. The field of participants consisted of employees at agencies as well as employees from marketing departments of large companies at various levels. In addition, the participants covered the B2B as well as the B2C sector due to their working environment. "Due to the mixed field of participants, each topic was looked at from different points of view," says Michael.


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