HR Excellence Awards: CUBE leads BFFT to Top3 ranking

30. November 2018

The HR Excellence Awards are among the most prestigious awards in human resources management. Every year, German industry leaders such as Daimler, Deutsche Telekom, Ernst & Young, Porsche and BMW compete in various categories in the field of human resources.

At this year’s HR Excellence Awards, we succeeded in leading the vehicle technology developer BFFT to a Top 3 ranking in the category “Employee Engagement & Collaboration (SME)” with the extraordinary employer branding campaign “BFFT fan collection”. The campaign initiated by CUBE aimed at the strong identification of BFFT employees with their employer.

The collection comprises 36 lifestyle products that are adapted to the employees’ leisure behavior. Products such as the SIGG drinking bottle, flip-flops, headphones and bath towels enable employees to express their attachment to BFFT.

The result: If one compares the results of the Statista European Football Benchmark survey with the results of the “BFFT fan collection” campaign, it can be noted that a BFFT employee identifies himself more than twice as strongly with his employer as a football fan identifies himself with his favourite club.

On the way to the final, we accompanied BFFT Fahrzeugtechnik from the creative conception of the lighthouse project through the challenging application phase to the creation and presentation of the pitch deck in the scope of the final presentation in Berlin.

More information about the HR Excellence Awards can be found here.


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