Review 2021: Marketing for Deep Tech Companies

28. January 2022

Since 2018, we at CUBE brand communications have been responsible for the brand management of the INSTART group with all its companies. For the three deep tech companies of the group - e.telligent, digitalwerk & ip camp - we have implemented many differentiated brand instruments in 2021 after the basic communication in the first years of the company.

With the brand strategy for digitalwerk, we have developed a communication guideline for the specialist for autonomous systems that supports the company from Regensburg in achieving their long-term perception goals. In addition to this strategy development and the continuous communication and content creation across the corporate channels for all three companies, the product marketing of the companies in particular was the focus of the last year.

Since the Deep Tech companies of the INSTART group are primarily software product specialists, we at CUBE brand communications have implemented holistic marketing for the software products of the Deep Tech companies. The digital marketing through specially created landing pages, digital advertisements and content for the products (product videos, PR) was accompanied by the appearance at trade fairs and the creation of print materials.

To further position e.telligent, digitalwerk & ip camp as software product specialists, we were also responsible for the presence of the Deep Tech companies on relevant communication platforms such as trade magazines and corresponding tech awards.



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