Nordic by nature - Brand Building for the Verkehrsakademie Group from Hamburg

9. March 2022

The Verkehrsakademie Group is a leading and rapidly expanding provider of road safety and driver training from northern Germany. With five locations, the Verkehrsakademie Group covers a catchment area from Bremen to Hamburg and Neumünster.

CUBE brand communications has been supporting the traffic experts from the far north for almost two years in the areas of marketing communications and strategic positioning. Specifically, we take on tasks from the areas of online marketing (e.g. website relaunch, launch and management of social media channels, content generation, community management), media design (e.g. product flyers, cover design for training documents, corporate design adaptations for print material), above-the-line (e.g. writing and publishing press releases), below-the-line (e.g. trade fair support, activation of sponsorships) as well as the development of a strong employer brand (e.g. definition of brand personality and brand values).

The long distance between Bavaria and Hamburg or Schleswig-Holstein is not a hurdle, explains CUBE brand communications Managing Director Dr. Michael Schilhaneck. "On the one hand, today's technical communication solutions easily bridge the federal states, and on the other hand, the cooperation between north and south is extremely exciting and enriches everyday life. But admittedly: Especially in the beginning, there were one or two 'frowns' on both sides when Bavarian or Low German phrases once entered the project exchange. In the meantime, however, we have overcome these language barriers and understand each other blindly," says Schilhaneck with a twinkle in his eye.


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