Soon to come: Modular eMobility Driving Programm

26. October 2020

"Electrification", "digitalization" and "autonomous driving": these lead technologies have been shaping the entire automotive industry for years. However, the new added values of these megatrends are met with many questions on the part of potential customers. At present, the automotive market does not yet offer sufficient answers to the many open questions. This is precisely where our newly developed modular eMobility driving program comes in.

In order to make the most of the advantages and potential applications of electromobility, driving experience providers, car dealers and operators of driving experience and driving safety centers must gradually introduce potential customers and interested parties to the new lead technology. With our newly developed eMobility driving program, which builds on each other, we offer different learning content for different target groups at different stages of the purchase cycle. When developing the program, we worked together with experts in the field of electromobility - instructors and trainers - as well as with sales pioneers in this field. The focus during the concept phase was on a cross-brand and cross-product approach to the topic. The defined program content was further differentiated through extensive feedback from test persons and consistently aligned with the respective customer journey.

With the newly developed modules, CUBE brand communications aims to make a significant contribution to the purchase or re-purchase of electric vehicles. At the moment we are in the final stages of program completion. The final launch of the program is at the beginning of November.


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