Cube bc reappointed as the event agency for the Audi Charging Hub project in Nuremberg

23. October 2023

As a premium manufacturer, Audi plays a significant role in the global electrification of mobility. To achieve this, the automaker continuously expands its electric vehicle fleet under the brand name "e-tron.The growing popularity of these models has increased the demand for charging infrastructure. In this context, Audi proudly introduced its pilot project, the Audi Charging Hub, as an innovative solution to meet future challenges at the end of 2021. This hub offers reservable High-Power-Charging (HPC) charging points to ensure reliable planning and includes a connected lounge area, providing customers with a premium experience. Since the inception of the project, CUBE brand communications has been supporting Audi as an event agency in operating the Audi Charging Hub on-site. The brand experience specialist has now been reappointed for additional years.

CUBE brand communications is responsible for the comprehensive management of the location. This includes being the central point of contact for all customers and visitors to the Charging Hub, ensuring smooth operations. The agency coordinates and conducts tours for international customer groups to provide insights into the concept, functionality, and structure of the location. Additionally, CUBE brand communications offers customer guidance on the latest Audi e-tron models and actively assists customers during the charging process. On-site CUBE employees ensure the proper functioning of the charging stations and are immediately available if issues arise. The agency also coordinates technical service providers.

Another crucial aspect of CUBE brand communications' work is to analyze customer behavior at the Audi Charging Hub. In addition to comments and criticism, suggestions for improvements and information about customer behavior are collected to gain valuable insights for continuous service enhancement.

"The Charging Hub project initiated by Audi represents a significant milestone on the path to increased electromobility and underscores Audi's commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction. As a brand communication agency, we are proud to support Audi in this groundbreaking project and to further advance electromobility in the future," says Project Manager Philipp Schneemeier.

You can find current job openings for this project here.


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