Customized Employee Incentives

22. November 2019

Increasing motivation, strengthening employee loyalty and promoting internal communication: the benefits of team events are manifold. Employee incentive events also play an important role in the range of services offered by our Brand Building division.

However, the CUBE Brand Building Team does not create event concepts for our customers at will. They are based on the results of our regular employee surveys of our customers. In the first phase of the model-based branding process that we pursue with our clients in the field of brand building, we conduct analyses in the form of quantitative employee surveys. Within the scope of these surveys we identify the hobbies and interests of the employees. The employee takes part in the survey conveniently online via smartphone, tablet or PC. Based on the feedback, our brand building team designs event formats tailored to the needs of the employees.

Both start-ups and corporates have benefited from our event concepts and their implementation to date. The range of team events extends from active (body flying, company runs, etc.) and passively attended sporting events to events in the field of eSports / gaming and cultural events.

"Thanks to the regularly conducted employee surveys, our event concepts meet the tastes of our customers. They serve as a basis for the conception of tailor-made employee incentives", Dr. Michael Schilhaneck explains the recipe for success of the team events and adds: "As an important communication instrument and component of a model-based branding process, the employee events contribute significantly to the development of a strong employer brand.


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