Strategic Automotive Marketing #1: Strategy & implementation from a single source

22. November 2022

Why do some companies have a stronger recognition value as well as a higher brand awareness than others and how can these values be successively increased in the relevant target groups of a brand? As an agency for brand communication focusing on Strategic Automotive Marketing, we pursue a holistic brand management approach in order to provide our clients with concrete answers to the central questions of brand management.

"A brand can be understood as the sum of all the perceptions that a brand name (Brand Name) or a trademark [...] evokes or is intended to evoke in customers in order to distinguish the goods or services of a company from those of other companies." (Prof. Dr. Esch, 2008)

With a background of more than ten years of expertise in brand management in the automotive industry, CUBE brand communications focuses on Strategic Automotive Marketing for startups & SMEs. In addition to international premium brands such as Audi, our agency's clients include leading service providers in the automotive industry such as EDAG, AVL and BFFT, as well as innovative automotive startups from the INSTART group (e.telligent, digitalwerk & ip camp). Due to our many years of experience in the automotive sector, we are familiar with the challenges faced by companies in times of the mobility revolution and the ongoing war of talents within the industry. This knowledge allows us to develop tailor-made brand strategies and their transformation into practice for our clients.

CUBE brand communications - Brand Management Process

We achieve the desired positioning of a client vis-à-vis the target groups by taking a holistic view of the company's brand. For this purpose, we have developed a model-based, four-phase process. This brand management process includes all necessary marketing tools for holistic brand management.

Isolated, detached marketing measures without a pre-defined goal or strategy cost companies a lot of time and money and do not lead to the desired goal.

As an agency for brand communication, we always consider the overall brand (corporate brand & employer brand) of a client and see brand management as part of strategic corporate management.


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