Strategic Automotive Marketing #2: Market Analysis & Strategy Development

29. November 2022

Every successful brand management - as a component of strategic corporate management - is based on a sound market analysis and marketing & communication strategy. The strategy determines how the customer's brand is positioned vis-à-vis the relevant target groups and with which marketing instruments as well as in which frequency the defined marketing objectives are to be achieved.

Understand your customers, the specifics of their target markets, and the behavior of end consumers!

Market analysis: Laying the foundation for successful brand management

The first step in our brand management process consists of a comprehensive market analysis. A marketing & communication strategy tailored to the customer can only be developed if the market and its specifics in which the customer operates are known. An analysis of various market segments, competitors and end customers completes the market analysis. This overall picture of the market situation allows the client and the agency to quickly identify the potentials and risks with regard to the positioning of a brand.

Home game for CUBE brand communications: Thanks to our more than ten years of expertise in the automotive industry, we know the peculiarities and trends of the automotive sector. This allows us to identify new trends at an early stage and provides our clients with a considerable knowledge advantage when preparing the market analysis.

Marketing & communication strategy: the way to reach your goals

"If you don't know where you're going, you shouldn't be surprised if you end up somewhere else entirely."

The marketing & communications strategy is a defined roadmap for the customer and the agency, with which measures the defined goals are to be achieved. We at CUBE brand communications incorporate the findings from the comprehensive market analysis into the development and conception of the marketing & communications strategy for our clients.

The contents of a marketing & communications strategy are, on the one hand, smartly formulated goals & KPIs. On the other hand, it determines which platforms and channels are used to communicate with which communication messages to which target groups and with what frequency.

From theory to practice: after developing the marketing & communication strategy, we transfer the conceived guideline into practice in the form of the marketing mix. Holistic brand management from a single source.

Experts for Strategic Automotive Marketing: Communicative Implementation of the Marketing Strategy and Reporting


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