Recruiting & Research: CUBE bc cooperates with TH Nuremberg

15. April 2022

Since the end of last year, CUBE brand communications has been in charge of customer support and location management at the Audi charging hub in Nuremberg. Due to the close proximity to the university location in Nuremberg, it makes sense as an agency for brand communications to cooperate with the TH there, which also offers degree courses with a marketing focus.

The idea for the cooperation arose when a group of students together with their professor, Dr. Florian Riedmüller, visited the Audi charging hub in spring. During this appointment, the students learned about the concept of the charging hub and the tasks of CUBE bc in the project. One student then decided to conduct a study on the charging hub for her bachelor's thesis, asking customers and users about their satisfaction with the charging infrastructure. CUBE bc and the TH Nuremberg had previously cooperated in the field of recruiting.

Philipp Schneemeier, CUBE bc project manager for the Audi charging hub, sees several advantages in this cooperation: "With this collaboration, we are simultaneously creating a bond with the TH Nuremberg and can also benefit from the results of the survey. This will enable us to respond even better to the needs of customers in the future. We are looking forward to the evaluation!"


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