As an agency for brand communications with a focus on the automotive industry, we are particularly fond of vehicles with four tires. But since we are also very active in the sports sector, we at CUBE brand communications also have a penchant for two-wheelers. Fittingly, our employees can now also benefit from bike leasing from JobRad. (more…)

After Driving Experience Alto Adige was able to successfully carry out its first driving experiences in its premiere year, the new event provider with a focus on driving trainings and experiences was now on the road in Alto Adige for three weeks. The goal: to experience the Driving Experience tours, gastronomy and culinary delights from a tourist's point of view in order to be able to use the knowledge gained to perfect the service portfolio and optimize the supporting program and driving tours. (more…)

Since 2015, ERC Ingolstadt has been traveling to Vinschgau in Alto Adige in the summer and spending a few days there to prepare for the season. A highlight for the traveling fans is the annual meeting with the team. We from CUBE brand communications are also active as event organizers in Northern Italy and were therefore allowed to organize this year's team and fan event as sponsor and partner of the ERC Ingolstadt - the ERC Gokart Cup. (more…)

After registering our combined trademark last year, we have now also officially registered the word mark CUBE brand communications. (more…)

The season in the 3rd league (soccer) has already begun, the DEL will follow shortly - goal celebrations, fan chants and victory celebrations included. These moments of enthusiasm are what we, as an agency for brand communication and event management with a focus on sports marketing, want our clients to experience. (more…)

In the last two years, it was difficult for colleagues to get together after work in a relaxed atmosphere due to the pandemic. Recently, our "HQ" team (Ingolstadt) and the "Audi charging hub" (Nürnberg) team met at the Gaimersheim headquarters for an informal evening. (more…)

... for CUBE brand communications it can also be a children's experience. As a specialist for brand experiences in the automotive sector, we recently supported a play festival for children organized by a local sports club. The common denominator: generate lasting enthusiasm. In our day-to-day business, we try to create enthusiasm for our customers; in this specific case, it was shining children's eyes that expressed the fascination. (more…)

As the only German golf tournament of the Challenge Tour, the Big Green Egg German Challenge was again hosted by the Wittelsbacher Golf Club in Neuburg an der Donau. (more…)

Since 2018, CUBE brand communications is part of the INSTART group and takes over not only the brand building for the companies of the group, but also shows in the area of employer branding responsible for the cross-company employee events. After the pandemic-related break, a joint celebration for the entire INSTART group could finally be organized again this year - the summer party at the Eitensheim location. (more…)

Last year, CUBE brand communications successfully presented the Automated Valet Parking (AVP) project at the IAA MOBILITY in Munich. Now, as a follow-up order, we were allowed to produce several explanatory videos for the innovative project. (more…)

We at CUBE brand communications recently welcomed budding experts in sports marketing to our HQ in Gaimersheim. Through the alumni association of students of sports economics ("Spökos") at the University of Bayreuth - Dr. Michael Schilhaneck (Managing Director of CUBE bc) and Philipp Schneemeier (Team Leader Brand Building) themselves graduated from the course - a group of students accepted CUBE bc's invitation to Upper Bavaria. (more…)

July is the month of company runs - at least for CUBE brand communications. Together with colleagues from the INSTART group - CUBE bc is part of this innovative group of companies - CUBE bc employees took part in both the Ingolstadt company run and the REWAG company run in Regensburg. (more…)


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