The year 2023 is coming to an end, and we can look back on an extremely successful time. To match the occasion, the entire team of CUBE brand communications, along with over 100 colleagues from the INSTART Group, celebrated the year in a festive setting. (more…)

Since December 2021, we at CUBE brand communications have been responsible for the concierge service and customer support at the Audi Charging Hub. Our dedicated team, consisting of four colleagues and a three-person backup team, is on duty at the hub seven days a week from 10am to 7pm. After another successful project year, it was time for another team evening. This time we travelled to Nuremberg.


As a premium manufacturer, Audi plays a significant role in the global electrification of mobility. To achieve this, the automaker continuously expands its electric vehicle fleet under the brand name "e-tron. (more…)

Since 2018, CUBE brand communications has been a part of the INSTART group, responsible for brand building within the company. Additionally, CUBE bc takes charge of organizing cross-company employee events in the area of Employer Branding. (more…)

In June, a month of company runs, CUBE brand communications also demonstrates full commitment. Together with colleagues from the INSTART group - CUBE bc is part of the innovative corporate network - the employees of the company group participated in both the company run in Ingolstadt and the REWAG company run in Regensburg. (more…)

The German Institute for Sustainability and Digitalization (DIND) has awarded CUBE brand communications with the title "Employer of the Future." As part of a comprehensive evaluation process, the specialist for Brand Experience & Brand Building was analyzed and assessed. (more…)

As the responsible company on site, CUBE brand communications is in charge for preparing and retrofitting the high-powered and current top models of the Audi product range according to their respective purposes. (more…)

CUBE brand communications has received a new assignment and will be responsible for managing the social media activities of the popular Neuburg ACKER Hotel moving forward. (more…)

In addition to staging brand experiences for clients such as Audi and BMW and independently organizing brand-independent driving experiences, CUBE brand communications is an expert in strategic automotive marketing. With a background of more than ten years of expertise in brand management in the automotive industry, the brand communications agency sees itself as a strategic partner for start-ups and small and medium-sized enterprises.


While CUBE brand communications has already participated in various sustainability certification processes in the context of industrial project commissions in the past, the brand communication agency aims to independently engage more intensively with the topic in the future. (more…)

Once again it was time for our managing director Dr. Michael Schilhaneck to go back to his roots. As part of his teaching assignment "Sport alpin", he accompanied the students of sports economics from Bayreuth as a state-certified ski instructor over a period of one week. (more…)

As official partner, CUBE brand communications was able to use the great event format of the ERC Ingolstadt to bring together colleagues from the INSTART Group for a joint after-work event. (more…)


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